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Dryer Repair

clothes-dryer-repairYour clothes dryer is expected to work at high temperatures. But when it gets overheated, there is a problem. This is when you should call our dryer repair Rockland County experts. Any problem with the dryer might lead to great headaches or even accidents. For such reasons, we provide quick response service. Every member of our team at Appliance Repair Rockland County NY is equipped to troubleshoot the dryer, replace its damaged parts, and ensure the appliance works perfectly.

We specialize in dryer repair service

There are different types of dryers, but they are all supposed to do the same job: dry clothing. When they fail to do so, call us. With the experience to fix any dryer type, our techs can help you with an independent appliance or offer washer and dryer repair. We carry spares for most models and types to ensure the appliance will be repaired right. And you can rest assured that our pros will respond urgently when problems occur. So call us if:

  • The appliance doesn’t dry well your clothes
  • The laundry room becomes humid during dryer operation
  • The cycle stops before it ends
  • The cycle takes longer to complete
  • After a full cycle, the clothes are still wet

We do any dryer repair needed to fix your laundry appliance in Rockland County, NY. If our techs evaluate that parts must be replaced, they do the job at once. Our overall intention is to fix the dryer so that it will operate efficiently and without wasting energy or compromising anyone’s safety.

Need annual dryer service? Give us a call

Proper air flow enables dryers to operate efficiently. Air comes from the vents and goes back out through the same ducts. But lint builds-up overtime and might trap these points. And this is when the dryer gets overheated and clothes don’t dry. With regular dryer service, we make sure lint is completely removed and all parts of the appliance are in excellent condition.

Correct dryer installation is also crucial for your safety

To ensure proper dryer operation, you must also be certain that the appliance is well installed. So if you decide to get a new one, call us to offer dryer installation service. The right connection of all tubes, the proper position of the dryer, and the leveling of the appliance all play a huge role to its performance and thus safety.

We are all laundry appliance experts in our team and will be more than happy to assist you should your dryer acts up. So give us a call if you need dryer repair in Rockland County, New York.

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